Our Story


Our leather originates from danish welfare cattle from Grambogaard. The cattle roams free on the fields in rural areas on the idyllic island of Fyn in Denmark.



The leather is not treated with harmful chemicals. We believe in vegetable tanning, the most natural way to treat the leather. This process takes much longer, but is much better for the environment.



In Odense in the heart of Denmark, we have a small shop where we craft all our leather items. The leather is carefully selected and everything is done by hand, because we are passionated about craftsmanship.


SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE – The team behind NARV-denmark

We focus on social responsibility, and we believe that everyone has a part to play. Therefore we include people with different backgrounds and challenges, such as social phobia, and anxiety – like Tobias who is nearly blind, but very skilled at sewing and handling out social media presence.
John is our product developer, and the one who organizes the workshop, and all processes a product has to go through before it’s ready for use.




NARV-denmark was established in 2015 by Anna Aagaard and John Have Sørensen, who had the foresight to realise that the sustainability change could also be fought within leather items. The family has since grown, and we all share the passion for naturally tanned and locally handcrafted, sustainable leather items. 

The hides that are used, come from Danish Grambogaard cattle which has lived in accordance with the Danish Animal Welfare Concept, and the production takes place right in the heart of Odense, Denmark. 

We love Danish design, and all of our products are made by hand, which gives us a unique insight in use and durability of the products. There are no unnecessary details on the products, since we do not believe in waste, and we use as much as possible from the hides, meaning that no two products will be exactly the same, since no two animals are exactly the same. 

We use traditional Danish leather methods in our production on Funen and we have created a luxurious leather range for your kitchen, your home and on the go. Our items will slowly develop a patina and thereby add unique characteristics to each item – and they will only get more beautiful over time. 

At NARV-denmark we commit to minimize waste at all levels – every day, we believe in social responsibility and we believe in quality items that will last for years.